Harry: I’m gonna cut a bitch

Zayn: Why did i open my mouth

Liam: YOLO bitch

Lou: Whatthefuck 

Niall: Yeah im sexy

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(c)gif owner :)

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On Tour with One Direction (Up All Night live tour dvd)

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Dear ladies that are fans of One Direction, I dont feel like you need to be taking off your shirt and flashing them. Odds are if they remember you it wont be in a good way, it will be degrading.


wtf :’)

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Post: Reblog if you're going to a One Direction concert
Me: *sobs in the corner*

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how i want to do my presentation on One Direction

1D is a bunch of gorgeous derpy gays and I  fucking hate them they are adorable

the band consists of





and cutie

aka harry, liam, zayn, louis and niall

here’s a picture

they have the voices of angels and broke a record with their record (c wot i did thar)

thank you for listening


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Im making a 2013 One Direction tour video! All you need to do is make a sign with the show(s) dates/locations youre going to and take a picture of it or with it and submit it :) x


REBLOG PLEASE, to make people aware!!

It doesnt matter which country youre from!

Anymore questions PLEASE inbox me!!

If you want to submit a picture heres the place! ><

funny how this isn’t actually 1D, but 5 guys who mock One Direction in a parody video

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