so a regional radio station here is doing a contest where you can win two tickets to One Direction’s concert here in Jutland and also a meet and greet, so my sister and I embarrassed ourselves on facebook and it would mean the world to me if you could please go vote for us!!!! (I will love you forever and ever)

you can vote once a day and the voting ends on Friday at 9 am GMT+1

If you want a follow back or me to reblog a few posts of yours I’ll do that, just send an ask - just pleaaase vote!

(and if you do vote then thank you sososo much)(this entire post will link you to the page)

Reasons why I want to be a water bottle


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Harry literally popping pills on stage - he had a sore throat, so someone came out and brought him some advil or something

Molson Amphitheatre, May 31st


can i just though

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niam is real, niam is definitely real. - Liam 

Niall Horan + Tank Tops (May 2012)

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I live-tweeted during the #1DVDWatchParty… things got inappropriate.


omg zayn ! <3

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