So @serenityyoga and my good friend @athomeintheclouds have started this Instagram yoga photo challenge, #serenityabc. Basically each day is a new letter of the alphabet, and you choose a pose that starts with that letter or a feeling your chosen pose makes you feel that starts with the letter of the day. I encourage you all to join, whether you’re a beginner or experienced! To take part in the challenge, post your photo and tag#aw renityabc and @serinityyoga and @athomeintheclouds. They’ll pick a weekly winner or an overall winner who wins some goodies! For my two first days, I chose Anantasana, or Side Reclining Leg Lift, and Bujangasana also known as Cobra Pose, as they are both poses I use in gymnastics and I wanted to do something familiar these first days :) #yoga #cobrapose #leglift

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